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Sanyo massage chair models are forever upgrading and, manufactured by Sanyo North America Corporation, are considered among the best on the market. They're not particularly inexpensive, but their looks match their cost. Sanyo massage chairs have the appearance of an airline VIP lounge or first class accommodation. Once you've sat in one, though, you won't feel the need to go anywhere.

Massage chairs provide what some call a 'robotic massage', emulating the trained hands of massage therapists, chiropractors and other health professionals, and most employ either or both of two massage techniques, the Shiatsu method, a deeper pressure-point massage sometimes referred to as 'accupressure', and the Swedish massage, a gentler technique involving long flowing strokes. Sanyo adheres to the Shiatsu method but, like most brands today, draws from both depending on the model.

Users gain a sense of relaxation and release from stress during a massage session in a Sanyo chair that contributes to mental well-being. That alone helps deal with more serious problems. Muscle tension is reduced and relaxed yet muscles are stimulated leading to better blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxed muscles relieve pressure on sore joints and spine and increase flexibility allowing for more comfortable and safer movement. And there's no need to schedule an appointment or fight traffic to get to your masseuse when you can have a Sanyo massage right in your own living room or den, away from the frenzied life we all find ourselves a part of these days.

There are three Sanyo models, currently, but you may see them, or a variation of them, offered by retailers under different model names. The SR1000K is often seen as the SR-D1 and sells for about $3200. It features a Stiffness Sensor that detects stiffness by measuring perspiration and pulse (not a job people would stand in line for, really), and allows a user to choose 'Relax' or 'Recovery' modes. It also has a way to determine body-shape and shoulder-height no matter who is sitting in it or even if you move, and it has three body-width adjustments (how embarrassing). Sanyo massage chairs feature what Sanyo calls 'courses' and what we all know as programs. The SR1000K has seven preset courses and eleven manual or custom programs, as well as many other features.

Curious about their best? Well, the Sanyo DR-3000, an upcoming model, includes buttock massage and air-bag massage on calfs, soles and feet. It's heated. It's got extended massagers and zigzagging nodules and it looks like a first-class seat on a moon shuttle. Get the idea? Oh yeah, it costs almost $5000.

Buyers should take note though, that a Shiatsu massage is not for the squeamish. Deep massaging can leave you sore, especially when you've just begun, and it can cause headaches if done for too long, another good reason many models have child-locks. Once your accustomed to massage chairs like the Sanyo models, though, you'll enjoy the full benefits of their relaxing and rejuvenating massages.

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