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The iJoy Chair is Perfect For Those on a Budget

The iJoy™ massage chair is produced by Interactive Health Inc. which introduced its Robotic Massage® technology in 1979. In 1985, the company applied the technology to massage chairs. The iJoy series is an affordable line of massage chairs introduced in 2003 coupled with Interactive's Human Touch Technology®, a patented massage featured in other of Interactive's product lines and endorsed by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

Every massage chair attempts to mimic the trained hands of massage therapists and most emulate either or both of two massage techniques, the Shiatsu method and the Swedish massage. iJoy massage chairs draw on Shiatsu techniques to one extent or another, depending on the model.

iJoy massage chairs are highly stylistic designs and include the iJoy 100 selling for $600, the 130, 170, and the iJoy 250 which is priced at $800 and is sold as the Turbo 2 Robotic Massager at SharperImage. The iJoy 100 is a one-speed model for all massage functions with manual position adjustments and recline and 15 programmed sessions for the upper, lower and entire back. It's sharp-looking in design but minimalist, offering few extras and no powered conveniences; recline is manual. The 250 provides the same massage functions as the less expensive models, and considerably more, but is a larger chair with power recline and longer recline length and is equipped with child safety lock, auxiliary power outlet, and a built-in control panel. It comes in faux suede in several colors or leather in two. Both the iJoy 170, number two in the product line, and the iJoy 250 come with Automatic Accupressure Point Detection, a method of detecting where pressure should be applied no matter who sits in the chair, making them suitable for use by all members of the family--not that you'd actually want to give up any of your time sitting in it. All iJoy models are covered by a one-year warranty.

All iJoy chairs have Human Touch Technology® which incorporates massage movements that emulate rolling to relieve tension and loosen muscles, kneading to lift and stretch muscles for improved circulation, compression to improve mobility and posture, and percussion to flex spinal joints and relieve pressure. The result is a complete back massage very much like a therapeutic massage under the hands of a masseuse or masseur, therapist, chiropractor or other professional.

Accessories like the Interactive Ottoman or Foot massager can be used simultaneously with the iJoy for a more complete massage.

Interactive Health has combined good looks with a fine array of features and dimensions to create the iJoy line of massage chairs. Young people in particular should enjoy having them in their homes or apartments, and the price is enticing for anyone on a budget.

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