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The Human Touchâ„¢ massage chair is a mid-range product line, one of four brands produced by Interactive Health. All the models incorporate Human Touch technology, first introduced by Interactive in 1974 in a massage table, then adapted in massage chairs in 1985. Human Touch massage chairs offer a wide range of standard features and prices in a look that might be described as 'office' and in some models as 'limousine'. They'd be very much at home in your home, though, and have the reviews and respect of the industry to prove it.

There are many health benefits in using a massage chair, and Human Touch chairs provide all of them. Users gain a sense of relaxation and a release from stress that contributes to mental well-being but is also a precursor to treating more serious problems. Muscles are more relaxed and flexible yet stimulated leading to better blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxed muscles relieve pressure on sore joints and spine and increase flexibility allowing for more comfortable and safer movement. And in such a hurried world, Human Touch chairs encourage you to slow down, settle in, and just plain feel good.

Every massage chair attempts to mimic the trained hands of massage therapists and most emulate either or both of two massage techniques, the Shiatsu method and the Swedish massage. Human Touch focuses on the Shiatsu method but draws from both depending on the model.

There are currently nine models in the Human Touch product line beginning with the HT 070 and increasing in features through the HT 090, the HT100, HT110, HT120, HT125, HT130, HT135, topping off with the HT 270--that's the limousine. Each model varies in size, recliner length and angle, swivel, upholstery materials--vinyl or leather, accessories like a massage softening pad, wheels, and an accessory AC outlet, and whether or not they are equipped with a swiveling calf and foot massager, but their more important differences are in their massage functions and programmed sessions. There, the differences are in the type of massage track--flat or curved--the vertical massage range and range controls, and numbers of speeds for each of the massage functions--kneading, rolling, compression, and/or percussion. You'll also find a difference in warranties in the various models.

Saying HumanTouch massage chairs fill the mid-range price bracket for Interactive is not saying these chairs are inexpensive. The HT 070 normally sells for about $1200 and the HT 270 tips the scales at about $2000. Still, that's a lot less than many other models--even Interactive's own Get-A-Way Elite selling for $4500. The price is especially reasonable for massage chairs with such classy designs and time-tested technologies.

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